About Laila Foods

Laila, a name associated with quality and excellence, is one of the UK’s leading ethnic food brands.

Established in 1996 to initially bring high quality Basmati Rice to the rice-eating Asian community in the UK, the past seventeen years has seen the Laila Rice brand grow in popularity and reach to become one of the country’s best selling Basmati rice brands.

Being able to account for the provenance of our rice is essential to us here at Laila. We are committed to providing the very best quality rice to our customers and we can only do that if our teams are an integral part of the journey from paddy to plate.

Laila works directly with the rice farmers, owns its own rice mill in Punjab where the initial manufacturing and refining process starts, before the rice is shipped over to the UK and packaged. So from paddy to plate, you can be sure that the quality of Laila Rice is never compromised.

As well as our premium Basmati Rice, Laila now brings together the finest of ingredients and condiments to ensure that every meal you serve is delicious. From essentials like our Laila Medium Atta to a variety of tantalising pastes and pickles, your larder isn’t complete without Laila!

Laila Foods, is owned and operated by Surya Foods, a company that is recognised as one of the leaders in the world foods arena. The heritage and legacy of Surya Foods ensures that the Laila brand provides the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

From Paddy To Plate

The grains that are selected for Laila Basmati rice have been grown in the same paddy fields in the Punjab region of Pakistan for the past 7,000 years. It is the combination of rich soil, pure water from mountain rivers and the unique climate that together create the perfect environment for Basmati rice, famous for its delicate aroma and delicious flavour. The five rivers of the Punjab have their sources in the Himalayan mountain range which carry minerals and silt down to the rich plains, creating rich fertile land for rice production.

  • Planting

    As the weather warms in June, through to the start of autumn in November, the famers lovingly cultivate their crop of Basmati rice. From the initial seed to the transplanting of the saplings in to the paddy fields, the love and care that goes in to our rice is second to none.

  • Harvesting

    Before the weather turns cold, the rice sheaves need to be manually harvested and taken to the Laila mills.

  • Threshing

    After the rice has been harvested, it undergoes a process called threshing, to loosen the hulls.

  • Packaging

    Once the rice has been graded and any broken rice removed it is packaged into the familiar green bags that have become synonymous with Laila Basmati, and shipped across the UK.

  • Polishing

    The next stage of processing is the removal of the outer husk and separating white and brown rice. Brown Rice is where the bran layer is kept intact, whilst white rice goes through to the next stage of the milling process. Here the rice is 'polished' to remove the bran layer and expose the white grain of basmati rice.

  • Drying

    The 'rough rice' or 'paddy' as it is now known is then cleaned to remove stones, loose stalks and chaff. The rice is then slowly dried by passing through warm air to remove any moisture.


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