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@International Food & Drink Event (IFE)

Laila Basmati rice is stepping up efforts to strengthen routes to mainstream. The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) is a celebration of 1,350 innovative, global and cutting-edge food & drink manufacturers, in which owners Surya Foods will be showcasing the Top 3 UK rice brand*(Source: Neilson).

The leading Essex firm recently launched its new strapline for the Laila brand, as it continues to roll out global, multi-million pound rebrand to attract new consumers to the brand. Its latest exhibition comes as Laila adds more than £3m YOY to the rice category with sales growth of 34.6% during the last year. (Nielsen 2018). Laila has achieved the biggest branded growth among the Top 3 UK dry rice brands for the second year running.

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Love Laila…

Food is a living culture that defines communities, groups and countries. Laila, the flagship products range of Surya Foods, is the brand that has grown over the last two decades as the flavour of the global community. Once meant for the rice eating population in the UK, the evolving palates brought in the world foods and ethnic flavours into the UK kitchens and urbane restaurants.

Why Laila

Essentially, Laila Rice and grain products exists around the goodness of nature. We believe Nature has perfected the aromas and flavors in its produce. Laila ensures that it travels from farms to food plates with all its natural goodness intact. A fact that’s corroborated in the customer surveys year on year.

According to one of the latest surveys published in The Grocer- conducted by AC Neilson- highlights the rapid growth of Laila as the TOP 3 brands of the UK.