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The chilly in this pepper is sure to set your taste buds raging! Try out Laila’s Jalapeno Sauce – for use in traditional as well as fusion dishes. Every bite that guarantees to be a delight!


Although small in size (just measures 2 to 4 inches long!) the jalapeno pepper packs in quite a nutritional punch, with sizeable amounts of some essential vitamins! Jalapenos are a variety of chili pepper that is known for its hot and pungent flavor. The heat that these chilies deliver come from a compound called capsaicin that offers powerful health benefits. Capsaicin is good as an anti-inflammatory agent and vasodilator – that promotes healthy blood flow. Laila follows the age-old, traditional ingredients in its recipe, garlic, onions, vinegar and of course some very secret spices that go on to make the sauce really delicious!


Boring dishes can now become really interesting, with just a dash of Laila’s Jalapeno Sauce – old chicken breasts can be topped up with Jalapeno sauce; sautéed in freshly cut onions and with some chicken broth added you can rustle up quite an overwhelming dish! Jalapeno sauce feature heavily in West Indian cooking too, with every island in the Caribbean developing its own unique recipe!


Sliced and diced jalapenos in Laila’s Jalapeno sauce provide some welcome flavor to tomato and mango salsas, nachos, black and pinto beans along with corn dishes. Can be used over meatballs, salads, poppers, sliders and fritters too!

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