UK's Fastest Growing
Top 3 Brand, Naturally!

We lovingly produce each grain of Laila Rice with the same passion and enthusiasm as Laila Majnu, so you can guarantee perfect cooking results every time. If you 'Love Rice' you will 'Love Laila'. Laila has many different varieties of rice, in many sizes and packaging to suit your needs. Look through Laila's product selection to find your perfect rice.

If you 'Love Laila Rice' you will 'Love Laila' Atta too. For it carries the same care and natural goodness in flour range. Laila Atta is natural healthy flour, key to good digestion and therefore great health; tastes naturally sweet giving off that delicious aroma of freshly made chapattis.

Try our range of curry pastes to help you get the flavours of your favourite curries in a few simple steps. Authentic and naturally good, this pungent, aromatic paste can be used as a marinade for meat, poultry and seafood or simply added to sauces.