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Laila Tamarind Sauce can be used in Thai, Mexican and Mediterranean cooking. Tamarind is a pod of a tree native to Africa, but cultivated in India widely. Tamarind contains natural sugar but it is also extremely tart in taste, due to it containing 12% tartaric acid. It is a popular souring agent commonly used in Indian curries and chutneys. This sweet and sour sauce is used in savory dishes, meat-based stews and over deep-fried fish. Laila Tamarind Sauce is also used widely in the West Indies, where it grows well, and here it is used frequently in fruit drinks. Laila Tamarind Sauce makes a great barbeque sauce and marinade ingredient. And if you are looking to add the freshest of hot chilli pepper flavor to your culinary concoctions then look no further! Laila Hot Chilli Sauce is packed with freshly picked chilli peppers with their trademark fruity and citrusy flavor, along with their legendary, fiery heat !




All most any dish tastes great with either of these sauces, or even both together! Just listen to your appetite and play with your food! Laila’s Tamarind sauce is a perfect accompaniment for starters, like croquettes, fritters, tarts, crostini, calamari, meatballs and bruschetta. Laila’s Tamarind Sauce is a great Indian favorite and goes with appetizers like samosas and kachoris perfectly! Laila Hot Chilli Sauce offers you the perfect opportunity to experience this incredibly zesty, zingy sauce. Use it as a complement to almost any dish, from meatballs to meat loaf, sausages, cutlets, in salad dressings, as a topping for fried okra or zucchini, for chicken and meat marinades. Laila Hot Chilli Sauce is ready to use in soups, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers; or just about anything that needs delicious, zingy taste! Tip: You could mix Laila Hot Chilli Sauce with balsamic vinegar or ranch dressing for an interesting sauce that will enhance the flavor of the dish! Dab a dash of Laila’s Tamarind Sauce onto a sandwich and watch it disappear instantly!

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